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JV Betta

935 N Beneva Rd,
Sarasota, FL 34232
United States


Hello! Welcome to JV Betta Fish for Sale! We are so excited to share our love of betta fish with you. We are long time betta enthusiasts who have decided to turn our love of pet betta fish into a passion. Building relationships with breeders abroad allows us to bring exclusive breeds of bettas to the general public. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with our fabulous fish! We ship high quality exotic betta fish throughout the United States and all over the world.
JV Betta is a family owned and operated business based in Sarasota, FL. We import, export, and breed exotic betta fish for sale and ship them to your home.
A Note from the Owner and Founder of JV Betta Fish:
Originally from the Dominican Republic where fresh water fish like bettas are widely bred and loved as pets, I became fascinated with them as a boy. I was shocked to learn that not only were the female bettas and male bettas so different in appearance and personality, but there were many different colors and unique breeds.
There are over 70 species of betta fish, not to mention the wide variety of colors and fin types! I would sit and watch my fancy betta fish for hours, watching their colorful fins gracefully move in the water. Betta fish are a fun pet. They are more social than other pet fish. They seem to recognize their owner and even like us! These “fighting fish” are neat, friendly, little pets that require minimal maintenance and provide us endless beauty and, dare I say, companionship.
Betta fish are the most popular pet fish in the world and it is easy to see why. From their phenomenal beauty to their easy care, this tropical fish is a great pet for anyone. Young and old, girl or boy, a betta fish is an enjoyable companion that doesn’t ask for much. I encourage you to indulge yourself and get a pet betta fish. Take care of your betta and it will reward you with years of beauty and friendship.
Over 150 years ago Siamese Fighting Fish were collected in Thailand by children to watch them fight. This began a long history that evolved into breeding betta fish and keeping these gorgeous fish as pets. Bettas were imported into France and Germany in the 1890s and then the United States in 1910.
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